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Fitgenes is pleased to offer a short course for degree qualified and interested health and allied professionals wishing to build upon their understanding of the current research on the AMY1 gene's relationship with weight management, diet and fitness.

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CarbChoice - Understanding AMY1 Gene CNV

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How well do your clients process carbohydrates?

Is poor processing the cause of ongoing health issues?

Offer your clients support for managing how their body processes starchy carbohydrates.  Learn the value of testing the AMY1 gene variation and interpret the genetic profile report for clinical application in managing carbohydrate metabolism.

Fitgenes has provided genetic test reports from Australia since 2009, and is a world leader in developing genetic profile reports that provide dietary, lifestyle and exercise interventions based on the role of the AMY1 gene CNV in starchy carbohydrate metabolism.

Scientific studies have shown that variations in the human salivary amylase gene (AMY1) differ based on populations which have traditionally eaten high starch diets, compared to those who have traditionally eaten low starch diets (Perry et al. 2007). Copy number variations within the AMY1 gene impact salivary amylase activity (Yang et al. 2015; Santos et al. 2012), which influences how well the body breaks down and processes starch.  Copy number variations and amylase activity can also impact the oral perception of starch leading to nutritional differences (Mandel et al. 2010).

Simply, some people can process starchy carbohydrates better than others, and this can impact their nutrition, dietary choices and health.

Amylase activity, and the ability to process starch, has been demonstrated to have impact on BMI (Bonnefond et al. 2017) and hence AMY1 copy number can impact on the related issues of BMI, obesity and weight management (Falchi et al. 2014;  Mejía-Benítez et al. 2015; Viljakainen et al., 2015; Marcovecchio et al. 2016). Low amylase individuals may even be at greater risk of insulin resistance and diabetes if they maintain a high starch diet (Mandel and Breslin 2012).

Our eLearning course is designed to educate practitioners on how to test their patients' AMY1 gene copy number variation and interpret the profile report for clinical application.

Our unique profile report:

  • provides an easy to understand visual classification of the patient’s capacity for starchy carbohydrate metabolism.
  • provides data on typical carbohydrate content of many common foods.
  • contains menu suggestion and meal plans.
  • comprehensively outlines the clinical considerations and guidelines for nutrigenomic interventions that support increased metabolism of starch.
  • suggests potential exercise interventions (if required) to upregulate amylase activity

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