Genetic profile reports contain personal information. Fitgenes supports accredited practitioners to apply genetic information effectively and remain current in a rapidly evolving area.

Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners are trained and supported to tailor personalised health and wellbeing interventions to their client's genetic profiles, that include:

  • > Supplementation
  • > Diet and nutrition
  • > Exercise and lifestyle factors

Multi-disciplinary Practitioners

Understanding DNA test results and the potential health and wellness implications is key to the integration of genetic testing in a clinical setting. For this reason, Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners are degree qualified professionals in various health fields who have completed appropriate Fitgenes education programs.

Fitgenes believes that working with qualified practitioners supports the patient and underpins the utility of our tests and reports by enabling the best use and interpretation of results for patients. We recognise that genetic testing is one part of the health and wellness picture and should be used in the context of an appropriate health examination. 

Accredited Practitioners are from a range of disciplines and specialties based in different geographic locations. Fitgenes recommends that patients consult with their chosen practitioner to understand their DNA profile and integrate this information into a health and wellness program.

Your Consultation

Locate your practitioner, then:

  1. Book your first consultation with the Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner, who will discuss your health goals and outcomes and, if necessary, outline the DNA testing requirements to complete the simple, non-invasive buccal swab sample and documentation process.
  2. Your DNA sample is sent to the laboratory for testing of genes to analysed as part of your program to provide information to support your health and wellness plan. 

You should consult your chosen practitioner in respect to the range of services that they provide or can recommend to you, in addition to delivering your personalised Fitgenes genetic profile and appropriate programs.

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