Do you have a 23andMe genetic profile report?

Learn even more about yourself and your heath potential.

The 23andMe reports are an exciting insight into our heritage and family traits, but did you know that the data from your profile can be used to create a personalised profile about your health and wellness?  

Fitgenes can assimilate the data from your 23andMe profile in to our Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report to provide an in-depth analysis of the genetic variations that influence the way our body responds to what we eat, how we exercise and the way we live. Our accredited practitioners are specialists in their various fields and can interpret the results so that you have a greater understanding of how to meet your health goals.

The information from your report is applied to the preparation of dietary and nutritional plans, along with exercise and lifestyle programs that support individual requirements.

In support of our health and wellbeing profiles, Fitgenes examines a number of genes in key health and wellbeing categories and their influence on:

Inflammation – our body’s natural defence mechanism. How our body protects itself from DNA damage.

Vitamin D Receptors – found in almost all cells, a key influence on bone health, immunity, skin and the nervous system.

Methylation and Homocysteine Metabolism – influences the processing of brain chemicals determining emotional wellbeing.

Cardiovascular Health – the effectiveness of the system delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell.

Fat and Cholesterol Metabolism – influences healthy weight management, appetite control and satiety.

Learn more about your health potential

Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners, can integrate your 23andMe report results and apply them to a personalised health and wellbeing program that is tailored to your health goals.

Contact a practitioner near you or Fitgenes if you would like learn more.

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